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Welcome to the home page of Fingerprint Designs, and my online portfolio! I am Ashlea Rice, a Graphic Design Professional, and creator of "Fingerprint Designs." Fingerprint Designs is the identity I utilize to represent myself to the world as a free-lance graphic designer. Regardless of employment status most designers maintain their own free-lance structure for moonlighting opportunities.

Origin of a Name

I was inspired to design under the name fingerprint designs not long ago. My knowledge of and experience with marketing strategies led me to consider designing under a moniker other than just my name. Being one who can be guilty of having trouble with remembering names, it is not hard for me to understand that: brand recognition increases when a name is more substantive. As I considered what I would like a moniker to convey, I knew I wanted something that had meaning. Specifically I wanted a logo with some interpretive substance which could reflect my own personality, and beliefs of what exactly a first-rate design should consist. Upon coming up with "Fingerprint Designs," it occured to me that the name itself embodies what a graphic designer should "bring to the table." The work of a designer should be unique, creative, and should reflect the client's identity and/or intended message. Much as an actual fingerprint provides us all with a one-of-a-kind identifier. Having decided upon the title "Fingerprint Designs," I then designed the corresponding logo located within the banner of this page.

If you are interested in what areas of graphic design I have particular strength, please check out the qualifications page, for additional information about me as a designer may be found on the about the artist and the design process page.

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Site Content and Navigation


Ashlea Rice

A recent portrait photograph of
Ashlea Rice

All of the elements within this site are all my unique designs, I have functioned as both web designer and web developer in the creation and maintenance of this site. Everything that gives the site structure or that is featured has either been completed by hand or with the assistance of the Adobe Design Creative Suite Software, versions CS4 and CS5.

Due to the fact that this site doubles as the home of "Fingerprint Designs" graphic design studio and my own online portfolio, it contains a sample of my artwork created as a graphic designer. However the pieces contained within this site do not represent my entire portfolio, as some works may not display well due to the original media utilized. A portion of the work was completed as school assignments within Wake Technical Community College's "Advertising and Graphic Design" program, while other works were completed as a part Fingerprint Designs, and still others are self-initiated pieces to expand my portfolio and design experience.

Site Layout

Within this website, you may view the designs and renderings which I have created utilizing the wide variety of techniques and media available to graphic designers today. Some of these pieces are included within "clickable" jQuery galleries, whilest others are just simply posted as highlights throughout the site. Due to the lack of caption space within the galleries, additional information regarding each peice is located within tab panels within the corresponding section.

This site also features a "notepad" on each page within the site, excluding this page the "notepads" serve as a page index which allows you to jump to specific parts of that page. There are "Return to the Top" buttons following each major section on every page unless otherwise specified on that individual page. In addition to the "Notepads" these "Return to the Top" buttons will allow you to selectively navigate my site.

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A Personal Message

My Appreciation

I would like to thank you for your time and interest in my portfolio. I would like to offer a special thanks to those who have been active supporters through some of the most challenging times. This includes but is most certainly not limited to: my parents, Patt and Kristy Rice, my aunt and uncle, Deb and Rick Baird, my sister Jaimee Smith, my brother-in-law Josh Smith, my nephews Skylar, Rowan, and Jack, the irreplacable Norma Rae Bradshaw, and last but most certainly not least Kristin and Stephen Harris. In addition to those listed there are a few individuals who deserve to be mentioned, but due to the confidential nature of these relationships, I hope that those to whom I refer realize who they are without specifying any names.

Please feel free to email me with any comments or questions you may have. All of the work on this site are my own original works, please do not copy the works from this site and represent them as your own. Each design is the direct result of a great deal of time and effort; any misrepresentation discounts the work I have put into creating original artworks. Any designer will tell you that a portfolio is a constant working progress. So please come back often as I will update it with my latest works.

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